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Let's meet! (Online)

Congratulations in taking the first step to begin taking your business to the next level! This Step One is comprised of two parts: Diagnostic & Demo. Some of you have already received the first part (Diagnostic) through our FREE Help Program, so you're half way there. For the remaining of you who have not and are interacting with us for the first time, don't worry. You will get yours when we have our demo meeting, or before. Our demo is only 30 minutes short, and we have made it very easy for us to meet via our Online Video Conferencing using either your phone, tablet, laptop or computer, at a time when it's convenient for everyone involved in the decision making process.

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What to expect?

During the first 15 minutes, we will be discussing heavily the 3-5 things you must do immediately to begin getting new customers through your online presence and generate more repeat sales from existing ones. The remaining 15 minutes will be spent going over pricing and terms. When we're done, you can choose to either become our client, or just walk away with our recommendations. It's that simple. No strings attached!

Why Online Video Conferencing?

Simply put, it’s the easiest and most convenient way currently known to man. Even our local clients are meeting with us this way. One of the nicest things about it, is that no one has to travel anywhere (especially when there are more than one decision makers involved). All you have to do is make sure you and your deciding team are available with everyone's undivided attention in front of their preferred device (for just 30 minutes) at the time of our meeting.

** Please consider the following when booking your meeting with us **

How many decision makers are there?

Up to 4 people can join our online meeting from anywhere in the world they may be located at, making it very easy for everyone to attend. Team members can ask questions live and each one attending will see the same exact presentation. This saves EVERYONE tons of time, and virtually eliminates the miscommunication errors that usually occur when just one person attends the meeting and then relays the information to the other decision makers. If you’re not sure when the other decision makers will be available, pick a time and date that works best for you. You can always reschedule it later very easy with just a few clicks after finding out what works best for everyone.

Phone or Tablet?

Provided that your internet connection is strong enough, many times either one of these devices is good enough if it’s just you attending our online meeting, or if the other decision makers are going to be joining with their own devices as well. Simply download the iOS or Android App and make sure to have earphones available at the time of our meeting.

Near your laptop or PC?

This is by far your best option since there’s nothing to download and you will be able to see our presentation much better on the larger screen of your computer versus the smaller one on your phone or tablet. We will be sharing our screen while we make our suggestions so whenever possible, log in with your computer. This is also recommended if other team members will be joining you at your location and all of you will be watching and participating from the same device. Using your favorite browser, simply open the link that will be provided to you via text and email, and join in without any downloads or installations. Please make sure to turn the volume up!

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