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What is it?

Think of this FREE Help Program as a FREE diagnose to your car which its "check engine" light just came on. You know there's something wrong with the car, you just don't know what it is yet. After you get the diagnose and find out what's wrong with your car, you fix it. You take the guesswork out and get it done.

Our Snapshot Report is a personalized report that surfaces and compares your business’s online presence to others in the industry. These 6 pillars of the virtual doorway - Business Listings, Customers Reviews, Social Media Reach, Website Conversion, Digital Advertising and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - will help you to understand where your business needs the most help and how we can help you! Your entire online strategy will be measured against these 6 strong pillars you MUST have in place in order for you to maximize your online opportunities.

Why do you need it?

Chances are, if you are here reading this, you know that your business could be doing better from your current online efforts... Perhaps, much better! That's where we come in! The reason we launched this Marketing Agency, is because of the huge need for it that there is... We love small businesses and it's very frustrating to see so many good small businesses with poor online representation, poor online sales strategies and poor online marketing being executed just to see them go out of business a few years later... We know we can't help every small business, but we can help a lot of them! Very few businesses these days are properly executing their Online Marketing and they are the ones who are making a killing.

Once you close these gaps, you will start getting more customers from your online marketing efforts and more repeat sales from your existing ones almost immediately.

Get Your FREE Diagnostic for your business and uncover your marketing performance in six categories

1. Business Listings

The Snapshot Report aggregates data from over 70 directories to show your business':

  • Number of listings
  • Accuracy of listings
  • Missing sites

As a local business, you need accurate listings on a lot of business directories to ensure people can find you online.

We put you on the map with an abundance of accurate listings.

2. Customers Reviews

The Snapshot Report aggregates data from over 30 customer review sites to highlight:

  • Number of reviews
  • Recency of reviews
  • Average score

As a local business, you must continually collect fresh reviews and strive for a 4-5 star review rating to establish trust and credibility.

We can help you make a stellar first impression.

3. Social Media Reach

The Snapshot Report pits your social presence against that of similar businesses in regards to:

  • Number of posts
  • Size of audience

As a local business, you must keep your followers engaged to grow your audience and build brand loyalty.

Let us grow your engagement, let us grow your audience.

4. Website Conversion

The Snapshot Report leverages Google PageSpeed Insights to assess your website for:

  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Content
  • Load speed
  • Sales Funnel

As a local business, you need a mobile-friendly site that delivers the information people seek in order to make buying decisions.

Turn conversions up to 10.

5. Digital Advertising

The Snapshot Report recommends keywords that will generate the most impressions and clicks for your business. The report also identifies how your business stacks up against your competitors. Compare:

  • Keyword overlap
  • Number of paid keywords
  • Monthly paid clicks
  • Monthly ad budget

As a local business, you need to own the right keywords to ensure that your target audience knows about you.

Uncover golden opportunities with search, social, and display advertising.

6. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The Snapshot Report identifies how your business' organic keyword performance stacks up against your competitors’.


  • Keyword overlap
  • Number of keywords
  • Monthly clicks
  • Monthly value of clicks

As a local business, you need to own popular keywords to ensure potential customers find you before they find your competitors.

We help your businesses climb to the top spot.

Is your web presence primed for traffic and conversion?

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