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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”20″]Hi, we are Texture Digital Media. Over the last several years, we have helped many business owners dramatically increase their lead flow, customer conversion, and raving fans creation through the power of the Internet.

This case study we are sending you will show you how we doubled our weekly lead flow from 10 to 21 in just 12 weeks, along with doubling our sales as well. It lists The 3 Critical Systems your website MUST have in place BEFORE you send ANY traffic to it… Precisely what’s missing from MOST businesses’ online presence, and what is needed to thrive in today’s online competitive world… in gaining more customers through the Internet.

Whether you sell products online or use the Internet as a medium to simply advertise your business, if you are NOT happy with the results you’re currently getting from your online presence, chances are you don’t have some of these essential systems… or (worse yet), you’re probably paying for and sending traffic to a website without the first system in place, which is the single most common mistake many businesses are currently making.

So, to avoid this, your job is to make sure your business’ website has these 3 Essential Systems and to be sure you apply them in sequential order.  Get this wrong, and you will continue playing “catch-up” spending a lot more money acquiring new customers than you have to. Get this right, and watch how you’ll start driving, capturing and converting new and qualified leads to your business almost immediately all while increasing your overall sales and profits.

So, we want to help you…[/text_block]

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QUESTION: Would You Like Us To Personally Double, Triple, or Even Quadruple Your Business …For Free?

(Or The Closest Thing To FREE MONEY You’ll Ever See).


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]From Texture Digital Media

Las Vegas, NV.

Dear Friend,

We’re looking for a selected few “dream” clients that we can at least double their revenue for. If you’re one of these clients we’re looking for, we will personally work with you one-on-one in your business to help you double, triple, or maybe even quadruple your revenue for the next 12 months.


You Pay Nothing Out Of Pocket, Ever.


Here’s why.

The first thing We’re going to do for you is to personally help you create a strategic plan to bring in immediate money.

There’s no charge for this and it only takes about 45-60 minutes for us to do together.

(After doing this type of thing for so many years, We’ve gotten pretty good at fast results).

Anyway, We’ll even do most of the heavily lifting for you ….telling you exactly what to send, how to position your offer, and how to bring in back-end money as well.

At the end of this revenue stream consultation one of these three things will happen:

  1. You love the plan and decide to implement it on your own. If this is the case, We’ll wish you the best of luck and ask that you keep in touch with us to let us know how you’re doing.


  2. You love the plan and ask to become our client so we can personally help you execute, maximize, and profit from it ASAP. If that’s the case, we’ll knock it out of the park. And that’s a promise. We’ve never had a client leave — and We’re pretty sure they’re not sticking around because they want to hand us money!


  3. In the unlikely and unprecedented event that you feel like you wasted your time, we will create a Customer Market Research for your business (a $500 value) FREE of charge. No questions asked. With it, you’ll know exactly where online your customers “hang out” online so that you can target them specifically there (More about this tactic can be found in the Case Study you’ll be receiving).

Your time is your most valuable asset you have, and we respect that.

It really is that simple and there’s no catch.

Think about this.

The “worst” that can happen is you get a $500 gift for “wasting” 45-60 minutes of your time.

The best that can happen is we work together one on one to increase sales and profit several times over.


That’s Why This Is
The Closest Thing To FREE MONEY
You’ll Ever See.


Here’s how it’ll work:

First, we get on the phone one on one and go over your business.

We take a look at what you’ve got, what you’re doing, and what you want to achieve going forward.

Once we have those “raw materials”, we help you come up with a strategic plan of action to immediately increase your profits dramatically.

There are a number of ways we might do this for you.

For example, we might show you how to restructure your offer for a better price point, how to create recurring revenue (even without a continuity program), how to pull in buyers from untapped sources, or how to reactivate past customers.

And if you have a list of prospects, we’re bound to whip up a quick promotion you can run within days …and have the cash register ringing over and over again.

And like we said, there’s no charge for this.


So Why Would We Offer It?


Two reasons:

First of all, we enjoy it. This type of thing is what we do best, and it makes us very, very happy to see someone achieve financial success (and all that comes with it) as a result of the help we give them.

Second, of all, it’s how we attract consulting clients.

Here’s how that works:

Assuming you’re happy and you want us to crank out these types of plans for you all the time, you’ll probably want to continue working together long term so we can help you implement them.

If this is the case, we might invite you to become a consulting client.

Our fee?

Our “fee” is irrelevant …because if you think about it, it really doesn’t “cost” you anything.


Because we expect to make you much more than what we charge per month in the first month …and if we keep working together over the next 12 months, We’re confident we can double your entire business …at a minimum.

Actually, we can give you a plan to make more than what our monthly fee is during our first conversation – which is free!

So you’ll see the value by the time we finish our consultation — without ever spending a dime.

And look. If you don’t want to become a client, don’t worry about it. You won’t get any sales pitch or pressure from us of any kind, ever.

In fact, here’s our “GIANT BALLS PROMISE” to you:


You Find Our Conversation To Be Incredibly Valuable
Or We’ll Gift You $500 Worth Of Our Work Immediately
To Compensate You For Your Time.


Now, obviously, this is an amazing offer which you’ll probably never see from any other “Internet guru” in the world.

Think about it.

We’re personally generating a profit plan for you up front – for free – and then letting you pay us later if (and only if) you decide to work together long term.

Plus, We’re taking it one BOLD step further by guaranteeing you’ll find this free plan immensely valuable – or we’ll gift you $500.00 worth of our work just for wasting your time.

Just tell us, and it’s yours. No questions asked.


Who Else Would Do That?


NOBODY. (we checked).

But We’re happy to put it on the line like this because our consulting clients always stay with us, send in great feedback, and report great results. 


Every single one of them.

Our stuff works, and we know that if we work together, you’ll be thrilled with the results we get in your business.

Anyway – as you can imagine, We’ll get a LOT of interest from this offer.

And that’s why we need you to read this next part carefully:


Our Online Business Services Are NOT For Everyone


We would love to help everyone that has requested our expertise as the word is out after we have assisted many businesses to achieve high levels of success. We select the clients we work with very carefully and have a reasonable set of criteria that needs to be met in order for us to proceed. We only work with a limited amount of clients at any given time to ensure maximum attention to detail and your company’s ultimate success.


We Work With Clients Who Have:


  1. An Active and Healthy business already. Our services are for companies that are up and running already and simply want to move a lot faster and a lot farther.

    We DO NOT work with:

    – Get Rich Quick Schemes
    – Adult Themed Material
    – Start Ups
  1. Clients who have a steady flow of leads and customers. This means that you’re getting consistent traffic and making sales already. You’re running ads, you’re promoting, and you’re selling your services. You don’t have to be a household name …You just need to be PRESENT in your market.


  2. A business that has a good, solid product and a good reputation. Everything we do together will not only be bringing you more sales and profits, but we’ll be doing it in a way that creates MASSIVE goodwill in your market.

That’s it! Those are all our requirements.

If you meet the criteria above and would like to speak with us personally about getting you incredible results, then we will happily set aside some time for you. Here’s how the process works: First, you’ll need to fill out our discovery form on the next page.

Don’t worry, it’s simple and unobtrusive. We just need to know what you’re selling, get an idea of what you want to accomplish, and so forth. We’ll painstakingly review your goals, your offers, and so forth …and we’ll deliver a custom plan to grow your revenues…based on the exact same process that’s generating millions for our clients right now. Your initial call will be between 45 and 60 minutes.[/text_block]

Click Here To Apply!

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Once We have received and reviewed your application, We will personally take a look at your presence online and test your sales process, check out your competitors and so on.

If We indeed feel that We can help you, We will contact you back by email letting you know we are good to go and also send you the link to our consulting calendar so that you can pick the best time of our available slots for us to talk.

Otherwise, We will contact you letting you know that your business isn’t probably a good fit for us, at this time. Either way, you will hear back from us personally.

Our initial consultation will be between 45 and 60 minutes. We do this via UberConference so that We can show you our computer screen and demonstrate our recommendations for you.

This is where we really begin working to figure out exactly what you want …and how to make it happen.

We’ll painstakingly review your goals, your offers, your list and so forth …and We’ll deliver a plan to bring in money immediately.

Then, We will compare your business against the Three Essential Systems every business needs to succeed online and pinpoint exactly which parts of your system are broken or suffering the most so that you can fix them.

You can have anyone you like to implement our recommendations, or you can choose to begin a new journey with us as a client and have us design, develop, implement, optimize and maintain everything – that’s Online Sales and Marketing related – for you.

If you see the value in becoming a high-level client, great! We can talk about it.

And if you don’t want to become a client — that’s OK too.

And if you tell us We’ve wasted your time, We’ll create a Customer Market Research for your business within days absolutely FREE.

This won’t be a sales pitch in disguise like all those “Free Strategy Sessions” you see everywhere.

You are going to get a lot of value out of this! (Which is why soon We will be charging $1,500 for this first consultation)

The only time we will be talking about you becoming our client is going to be at the end after We have given you your immediate plan to bring in cash and we have pinpointed out exactly what needs to be fixed in your business to make it thrive online as well as offline.

So you literally can’t lose.

(By the way — We’ve never had anyone feel like their time was wasted. EVER. That’s why We can make this offer. We DELIVER. Would anyone else take such a risk?)


Warning – Time Is a Factor


This opportunity is extremely limited because of the intense one-on-one time needed in order to provide you with results.

Therefore, it is physically impossible for us to work with more than a handful of people.

Also, you should realize there’s a fairly decent demand for personal one-on-one help from me, and what We’re offering to you is unprecedented.

So with that said, know that the window of opportunity won’t be open long.

If you feel like this is right for you, click here, leave your application and let’s talk.


Talk soon,

Texture Digital Media Sales Team


P.S. You might be wondering what you “get” as a client.

The main “thing” you get is us and our team of experts. Professionals in this field… Specifically!

Like We said earlier, our first conversation together is free and it will be around an hour or so.

On that conversation, We’ll give you a Profit Plan specifically for your business — based on what we talk about.

During that call, We’ll also give you some steps to take immediately for fast results.

You get that first call regardless of whether or not you become a client.

Now — if you DO become a client, we’re going to immediately schedule a follow-up call.

On that follow-up call, we’re going to come up with two things:

  1. A short-term income goal. (6 months)
  2. A long term income/lifestyle/business model goal. (12 months)

And on that call, We’ll be giving you specific action steps to complete to hit both goals.

After hitting the ground, we’ll speak every week on the phone or computer via UberConference for the next 10 weeks to design your Marketing Strategy, your highly optimized Sales Conversion Funnel along with every piece of Email Marketing Campaign we are going to be deploying at first.

All of this combined is what we call our “Revenue Stream System”.

After your Revenue Stream System has been designed, developed, implemented and optimized with traffic and we are generating new sales, two things will happen:

A: We’ll speak every two weeks on the phone, monitoring your progress and tweaking where needed, keeping everything optimized and running campaigns for you. We’ll do this on a month-to-month basis. No contracts, EVER!

This is one-on-one, not “group coaching” or anything like that. Just us and you focused on one thing:

Making you money.

B: We’ll stay in CONSTANT COMMUNICATION by email.

This way, We can see what you’re doing and help you keep the momentum going between calls.

We also use this as a way to review your sales funnel, opt-in pages, videos, etc.

In fact, We often end up dictating sales copy for you and literally doing some of the “heavy lifting” for you this way.

You can expect us to reply with voice memos, personal videos, and even regular email answers.

But the bottom line is — we’re getting it done, constantly.

Always building momentum and seeing constant improvement.

You should know that the reason We’re able to do such a good job and get such great results for our clients is because We only work with a small handful of them at a time.

Over the course of the next 12 months, We’ll deliberately keep our consulting client base under 20 people.

As much as We’d like to work with “everyone”, We simply can’t accept more than that and still maintain the same level of service you NEED in order to get the results you want.

This is a genuinely rare opportunity.

If you feel like this is right for you, click here, leave your application and let’s talk. Conversations are granted on a first come, first-served basis.[/text_block]

Get Our
Revenue Stream Consultation

 Soon We Will Be Charging $1,500 For This Highly Valuable First Consultation

Apply Now

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P.S. – if you’re skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was… for a LIMITED TIME, you are getting our Revenue Stream Consultation absolutely FREE… This will help you pin point exactly what you need to do to begin doubling your lead and sales in just 12 weeks.


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